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You’re right; the show did tell you why not:

DOCTOR: The timelines are too scrambled.

You can’t do any time travel anywhere in that time period because of the mess that’s been made of Time. He doesn’t say NEW YORK is too scrambled; he said TIMELINES are scrambled.

We already knew traveling back there was dangerous before this massive paradox damaging Time; River talked about it more than once and then we saw the worse damage the Doctor caused by bringing the Tardis there, igniting Time damage. Followed by their talking about the irreparable destruction of the Angels’ battery factory and then rewriting Time to save Rory from being part of it causing the final demolition.

Time on Earth from 1938 to 2012 has become a lake of thin ice with New York having the most vulnerable since it’s the origination point. Step back into it and you send cracks throughout the lake to the weakest point and New York falls.

Or think of Earth as one big detonation button with the explosives under New York. Any time travel that hasn’t already happened (such as the three separate trips to 1938 that have already happened) and, as they said:

DOCTOR: Would rip New York apart.
AMY: No, that’s not true. I don’t believe you.
RIVER: Mother, it’s true.

A vortex manipulator can’t even go back now. All those pockets with a thin path between them have become one huge mess with no path through it. Which is why Amy has to say goodbye; if the Doctor and River could use a vortex manipulator, they wouldn’t say goodbye since it wouldn’t be the last time they’d see Amy and Rory.

Plus Amy and Rory now have a good deal of time energy from traveling in the Tardis; that alone is a disturbance but a mild one. Put the Doctor and/or River who are like supernovas of artron energy, even without a time device, and you ignite that time period.

It’s how Karen and Arthur wanted it — no chance of Amy and Rory being rescued, so that’s how it’s written.

So you’re right; the plot very carefully explained throughout the show on how Time was damaged so that all of Earth in those years is a power keg leading back to its origin in New York.

If river can’t go back with the vortex manipulator how did she get the story to Amy so it could be published?

As she says in the episode, she sends the story to her mother. She doesn’t give it to her personally. So River goes back to a time before the difficult era and has the manuscript delivered to Amy at the right time; like Back to the Future.






Awww, Disney princesses as cuties with their pets. Lovely. Just take a look at Belle and her Beast. I am melting over here. Adorable.

Don’t forget the mother princess of them all!


omg they’re all happy and then Meg’s just like “you’re kidding right”


I feel for little Meg.

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